District One "street team"

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District One "street team"

Postby Working » Wed Feb 08, 2017 4:22 pm

Enough is enough. We don't have the manpower on nights to be "transporting" for you every time you go out and pick up some one else's arrest. There are 4 of you idiots doing nothing all night long, one of you can drive a frigging cage car and transport. Policy states you are not supposed to be doing traffic stops in unmarked vehicles anyway, idiots. Or pull that nonsense on day shift, they have plenty of people driving around doing nothing all shift who can come transport. This is a proven fact, there are always a dozen calls holding and all of the lazy day shift fucks are 10-58 for the past hr. It's not like you guys are even making your own cases for shit sake, all your doing is being handed the work another deputy has done and then you go arrest the shit head, oh really important stuff there boys.
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