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Re: PBSO Motor Pools

Postby CAPTIN MORGAN » Fri Dec 15, 2017 9:19 pm

Julio wrote:
Captain Morgan wrote:
Guest wrote:LOL.......If the motorpool is so good, then why does the Sheriff refuse to use it? Because the techs are paid a salary and don't care how long they work on cars or how they do a job. You may check a car like you describe but I can guarantee you are the only one. Try bringing a car back and telling them something is not right. They will just deadline your car and give you one of the absolute horrible loaner cars and make you ride around in the roach infested machine until you learn your lesson.

If you have been there anytime you can hear the horror stories of the motorpool. Just because you want to not hear them doesn't make them true. The best thing this Sheriff could do is eliminate this cost ineffective system and outsource fleet services to several dealers across the county. This would make our repairs quicker and more reliable. Remember techs in dealerships have to have certain training and are required to update training often. PBSO Techs do not. Oil changes and service at dealerships means safety inspections. PBSO is simply an assembly line. In and out.

I call BS on your post.

That's because you're a fucken pig bitch

Now that was not very nice.
Please be mindful for the feelings of others.

Listen up Julio you must be really a bitch just like DEWEY. Shit do you wear a badge or gun JULIO are you that thin skinned. Have you had your face spit on ,a cup of piss splashed on your face, a low life thug punch you in the face, a prisoner in the back seat vomit,smear shit all over, or bleed on the back of your police vehicle. HAHA we knew it was YOU DEWEY only a true bitch as punk like you would wright " be mindful for feelings of others", CAPTIN MORGAN has heard you say that in meetings with fleet personal at the break room. See the CAPTIN HAS HAD MILITARY TRAINING never forgets certain frases or certain words people say,example MARC are retarded ass new parts department manager always says the "fish rots from the head". See DEWEY used JULIO as a name to post in this blog hence wetbacks and beaners as this racist mother fucker post in earlier blogs. To are Deputies yeah some of you are pigs "not meant as pig the insult to law enforcement" but nasty habits. We have found the front passenger seat floor full of trash and rotting food, THIS NASTY HABITS ARE FROM THE FEW DEPUTIES THAT TALK SHIT ABOUT FLEET MECHANICS AND ARE ASLO MOST LIKELY TO SNITCH ON THERE FELLOW DEPUITES,PART OF MANAGEMENT ON THE LAW ENFORCEMENT SIDE. Listen up the CAPTIN understands you guys put on your pants one leg at a time just like everyone else, you got problems "DEMONS", bills, stress, shitty supervisors/ management to put up with, snitches, marriage problems, drinking & drug issues, etc...You DEPUITES are flesh and bones and still with what ever problem you have you risk your life for others. The CAPTIN has heard your worst enemy is not the criminals you put behind bars, but those that serve beside you, laugh with you and then stab you in the back by snitching you out to your upper chain of command for brownie points, but you do not know who it is unlike the thugs you arrest you know they are criminals,BUT YOU DO NOT KNOW WHO IS SNITCHING YOU OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TO THE ROAD WARRIOR Deputies the fucken problem at the PBSO MOTORPOOL is MANAGEMENT THE CRIMINALS FENNEY,HAWTHORNE,DEWEY AND THE LATEST ADDITION MARK THE ANTI CHIRST. ONCE AGAIN YOUR CAPTIN SPEAKING THANKS FOR YOUR SERVICE DEPUTIES
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Re: PBSO Motor Pool

Postby CAPTIN MORGAN » Fri Dec 15, 2017 10:40 pm

Guest wrote:Inmates running around the motorpool unsupervised. Nice

Oh how about when the wheel feel off a Major's car from corrections? Did you forget about that? Must not have been here that long as you suggest.

How many Techs as you call them tell Deputies they don't care about the cars, they just work for a paycheck? Oh must not be you

PBSO Motorpool is a cesspool of unqualified Techs. Close this hellhole up and outsource so we get decent repairs. Just like they did with the auto body shop.

MR.GUEST we will agree on you on only one thing you retarded mother fucker said. We cesspool techs have seen DEPUTIES that have gone under cover to bust up large scale drug operations be in PBSO GREEN PICKLE uniform putting gear in the trunk of police interceptors while this low life trusties inmates at the back of the fleet bodyshop carwash area are observing them while they put rifles inside the trunk. This type shit has to stop. Police K-9 units perform exercises around the fleet loaner area right in front of this criminals. Okay we cesspool techs think your retard ass is saying the wheel fell off a car from corrections. Well maybe you loosened up the lug nuts is he fucking your wife or tranny lover!!! Well cesspool techs heard from ROAD DEPUTIES that correction is the dumping cesspool for unmentally stable and unqualified DEPUTIES that can not pass the psychic test ,shit RICK ROSS was a correction deputy. We cesspool unqualified techs think the county jail should be outsourced to CoreCivic formerly Correction Corporation of America is a private multibillion company that can manage jails. Oh shit you know how much money PBSO can save NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO way the CAPTIN knows this retard is a lone wolf a reject nothing can replace are fine CORRECTION DEPUTIES much love to you guy keep up the great work .GOD FORGIVES AND I DON"T yours truly CAPTIN RICK ROSS
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