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Nathan Hale

The The Master Guise - The Color of Law. - A Belief System, is Not The Law

Postby Nathan Hale » Wed Jan 17, 2018 1:39 am

Not all, and not really.
Evidently PBSO stupidity has a group-think dynamic that can easily take hold with the forces of The BSU.
This type of integration has a specific type of signature as its combined with an array of MK techniques programs only known to those who've studied deeply in the sociology fields, and a command and/or over-all controls that produce insane acts by seemingly normal, and well adjusted.

The common threads between totally separate but equally horrifying actions, in conjunction to the overt disregard for "basic rights"
I find to be wholly Unacceptable, and out right illegal.

PBSO has been contaminated with these UN-American subversive homegrown terrorists for a while.
Most are trapped. Not stupid.

Mark Lewis is living proof that obedience to the Unlawful is not virtue, but a demise.
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