Avossa announces safety measures

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Avossa announces safety measures

Postby Guest » Wed Feb 28, 2018 1:27 pm

I received a message today from our illustrious school superintendent Robert Avossa. Mr. Avossa assured us that our Palm Beach County Schools were secure and safe. Here a some of Mr. Avossa's comments;
1.) He assured us our school police are armed and trained in active shooter scenerios. Problem is not all schools have police officers assigned to them.
2.) He assured us he has ordered all principals to conduct safety assessments in their respective facilities and have a plan. Problem is when did school principals become experts in safety assessment? Also the main problem is school principals, as they refuse to allow the police officers to act accordingly because they don't want any crimes reported coming from their schools.
His message was his usual "blow hard" BS we have gotten accustomed to coming from this administration. While he encouraged suggestions from the public we all know they would be handled like the FBI handled the information they received on the Parkland shooter. It will be "round filed" in the trash.
Thank you Superintendent Avossa for resigning. You won't be missed.
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