PBSOTalk.com Getting Ready to go to a National Audience

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PBSOTalk.com Getting Ready to go to a National Audience

Postby Anonymous » Tue May 22, 2012 6:18 pm

Look forward to hearing you on Art Bell's show..

[quote=NewsWriter]I have been in talks with people to bring PBSOTalk.com to a national audience... naturally, it won't be called PBSOTalk.com anymore because it has to fit with a national scale. While PBSOTalk has a huge audience, bringing it nationally will make it go through the roof and allow national news media outlets to stumble upon Sheriff Bradshaw's Culture of Corruption.

The name will be [url=http://www.ExposedGov.com]www.ExposedGov.com[/url] . But fear not! Because PBSOTalk.com will still work. It will transparently bring you to the Palm Beach County forum.

People may say we are too similar to LEO Affairs if we go nationally but they couldn't be further from the truth. We differ from LEO Affairs on four fronts:
1. We are more of a whistle blowing site where people can post free of the fear of retaliation.
2. We expose government corruption, pure and simple. It doesn't matter if it's in the school board, the SA's office or a law-enforcement agency, it the demand is there, they will have a forum to expose injustices.
3. We don't really give two craps about pissing off elected officials.
4. We will still have an awesome document repository for all of the different places. This will allow documents to be posted from all places in their respective directories.

This is expected to take place very soon; I am supposed to be on a national show on Friday, so I would like to have everything in place beforehand. You can actually go to www.exposedgov.com and see the progress; right now I am designing the color scheme and the template. I have done some test migrations with the databases; moving the information from one forum to another is proving to be incredibly complex and I still have to figure out the hashing scheme to display the imported posts. When I have a script worked out and functioning properly, the old PBSOTalk will come down and the new site should be up within a few minutes. Keep on mind, however, a few hours' worth of posts MAY be deleted. I will do my best not to, but it really depends on how fast the script can migrate the old data and then switch the DNS servers.

I will keep you all updated!

If you have any comments or concerns, please write me at mark@ExposedGov.com[/quote]
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