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Corruption taking place at the Palm Beach County PBA and with the employees

More good news

Postby Guest » Mon Oct 19, 2015 12:14 pm

Rumor has it Mike Kletshy is going to be the PBA president when Big Guy Kaz retires soon. Funny how this comes as a shock, lol. I wonder if the union will create another position like they did for Bossman Ernie or if Kaz will actually realize his dream of becomming second in command at Martin County Sheriffs Office, something he insisted on when the PBA backed the current Sheriff who is running for reelection. You think all the ass kissing Kaz has done with Bradshaw he would get an uppedy position there. I guess all the freebies over the years and the secret retirement incentives are his payback. And some wonder why we need a real collective bargaining unit.
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