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Davie PD

Postby T&L » Sat Jul 23, 2016 3:25 pm

Engle, are you fucking kidding me? You are such a lying sack of shit. You know Goddamn well you were pinning the murder on Halliburton-Suh's son and when that DNA came back with Resiles profile you 'bout shit a brick sideways. That fucking kid wasn't cracking and now you know why you dumb fuck. Then you make up some stupid shit to the press about why you suspected the kid to try and save face. Was the kid's upper body really "covered in blood"? If he was going to change clothes would he just change his pants and not his bloody shirt? How the fuck long did it take you to figure out who disabled the camera? Do you expect anyone to actually believe that you apologized to that kid before the DNA came back? You are a piece of shit lying motherfucker. If not for the DNA, you and those scumbags in Satz's office would be putting this kid on trial for killing his mom. You put this kid who found his mom murdered through hell and back and then that stupid fuck Israel allows the real murderer to escape. You assholes are batting 1000.
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